Quality Control Time Capture

Capturing of time taken per machine for specified phases of production.

How long each phase of production takes, on which machine is rather valuable data to be able to capture. We decided to create a little add on for the CompuChem Manufacturer that would make this data easy to capture and retrieve when needed.

After creating the Quality Control Time Capture program it became very clear just how valuable this data really is!
Do you need the ability to forecast how long a batch will take, or when a given machine will be ready for another batch?
The answer is most probably yes and that is what this program enables you to do, quickly and easily.

All you need to do in order to begin capturing times is to enter the Time Categories for which you would like to capture production times.

Typical Time Categories are things like: milling or let down time (as seen in the image above).

Once the Time categories have been entered, you enter machines for which you would like to capture production times, e.g.: Dynomill (as seen in the image above).

After all of that is done you can begin to define Formulation Groups, and then start to capture times.
There is more on these two subjects in the QC Times User Manual which you can download by clicking here: Quality Control Times User Manual

Another feature of the Qc Times program worth mentioning is the Time Calculator.

To capture Time under a certain Time Category: click the down pointer and select the Time Category from the Drop List.

Enter The Start Date and the Stop Date.
Then The Start Time and Stop Time.

The time in minutes is calculated for you (this calculation can span a period of time longer than 24hrs, depending on the start/stop dates)

If you are interested in purchasing the Quality Control Time Capture program, email us directly by clicking here: Enquire about QC Times by email.

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