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Production Module

The computer management of batch produced products allows forward planning and scheduling options, with raw material availability, usage and shortfall projections. The issue of batch tickets generates raw material stock adjustments, allows for actual cost calculation of finished batches and produces a work in progress record. Production reporting incorporates actual raw material usage, batch yield, total costs and packed finished goods output.

This module is used with three program options:

Schedule and Issue - Forward scheduling pinpoints the shortfalls of raw materials, which finished products will be affected, and which products can be made up using existing stocks. Batch tickets are printed according to the user's production demand. Batch tickets detail the scaled formulation as retrieved from the product formulation file. The batch ticket layout can be tailored to the user's own design.

Batch Ticket Returns - Upon completion of the batch all modifications and adjustments, additions and subtractions to the original ticket are recorded, with packaging details by volume or mass. A complete cost calculation against the actual yield can be compared with the theoretical product cost calculation which is recalled from the Costing module. Raw material stock inventory and work in progress are adjusted according to yield details.

Reports - All aspects of production are reported in various forms showing yields, values, variances and output.

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