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Laboratory Development Module

This module comprises the following sections:

1. Product Development Formulator - The use of pop up windows allows entry and query of raw material technical data without leaving the formulation you are working on. Windows may be opened into the formulation and raw material technical files, and entries can be extracted from the windows straight into the formulation editing screen. This saves the frustration of forgotten formulation and raw material details. Calculation of formulation is performed by linear programming using the objective function 'minimise cost'. This allows the specifications of the formulation to be set as ranges rather than exact quantities. Also a list of alternate candidate materials can be specified. The most cost effective formulation, within the range of the specifications and candidate materials will always be calculated. Originally designed for paint formulations but may find application in other types of formulation.

2. Formulation Analysis - Technical analysis of formulations by mass and volume contribution of the component raw materials. Originally designed for paint formulations but may find application in other types of formulation.

3. Formulation Comparison - This option enables the user to compare two formulations. The formulations are listed side by side, scaled to the same mass or volume yield as selected. Common materials are listed side by side, pinpointing variations in the formulations.

4. Global Search and Replace - These options enable the user to find all occurrences of specific raw materials throughout the formulation data base and replace them with substitutes in the right proportions. Combined with the formulation analysis feature the user can shorten the time required for product rationalization dramatically.

5. Product Quality Control - This module is used for capturing of quality control data and statistics for periodical analysis of production.

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