Installing CompuChem on a Windows 9x Network

Install a single copy on CompuChem on the network drive and create shortcuts to the executable 'cc5x.exe' on each workstation.

Do not install separate copies of the executable on each workstation. CompuChem V6 is designed to run from the network drive and will not significantly increase network traffic by doing so.

Steps for installing

  • Go to any workstation and map a drive letter to the root directory of the network drive on which you wish to install CompuChem.
    Assume that the network server has the identification 'mark' and you wish to install CompuChem on the C drive of that server.
    Map the 1st available drive letter to: \\mark\c
    e.g. M: mapped to \\mark\c
  • Run the CompuChem V6 install (c6setup.exe) on this workstation.
  • In the 'Select Destination Directory' window of the install program browse to the drive letter mapped in step 1 (in this case m: \\mark c)

    The destination shown at the top of the screen should now be:
    'M:\Program Files\CompuChemV6'
    Click OK.
    Accept all defaults until the install is complete.
  • From your Start menu, in the Programs subsection, you will now have a shortcut to CompuChem V6. Right click on this and select: Properties, what you see here is the correct setting for shortcuts on all of the other workstations.
    Copy the drive mapping and shortcut 'target' and 'start in' paths to all other workstations.

Important Notes

  • Shortcut 'Target' and 'Start in' paths must not contain any double backslashes (\\). You MUST map a drive letter to the network root drive.
  • You must not install directly to the network root drive. Do not change the default install path: \Program Files\CompuChemV6
The same general rules apply to NT Servers and Novell Servers

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