MENU OPTION: Configure/Switches

The switch settings control various global options of the program function. A switch setting consists of a label and an associated value. If the label is not present the default value of the switch takes effect.

GRNRMCOST numeric 1-4 Selects cost field to post goods recevied costs to when goods are received from 'files/raw materials/receipts' menu option if this label is deleted raw material prices will not be automatically updated from goods received.
BATIK_PP Characters to send after printing batch card None None
BATIK_DEVICE LPT1:, LPT2: etc. rerout batch card printout to entered port. LPT1:
CURRENT_PERIOD Current calendar period Retains the current calendar period. This value is set from the menuoption 'files/setup/Calendar periods' Current period, and should not be altered from the switches control. None
VAT Any numeric Sets the value of value added tax percentage to be used in the ordering system None
MOVING_AVERAGE numeric 2-4 Cost field to receive moving average cost. When goods are received from the menu option 'files/raw materials/receipts' the weighted average unit cost of the updated stock is calculated and posted to the selected moving average cost field. The recommended field is 4 None
BATCHCOST_FIELD numeric Cost field to use for batch costing 1
STOCKBRANCH numeric Banch number to post finished goods stock to. If not set finished goods stock is not automatically posted None
PRDASCII ON or STD Generates an ASCII trnasfer file of finished goods manufactured for linking to 3rd party programs. If set to ON generates values based actual batch cost. If set to STD uses standard costing instead of actual. 'STOCKBRANCH' switch must be set fo this to work None
AUTO_WRITE_FIN_UPDATE Y/N Always write product costs to file after any theoretical costing operation. If set to N will only update finished goods costs when a batch is manufactured Y
AUTO_WRITE_FIN_UPDATE Y/N write intermediate costs to file after any theoretical costing operation. Y
MASS_OR_VOLUME M/V Selects mass or volume based production reports. V
BATIK_STD_FILLINGS ALL/NO ALL prints all standard fillings on batch card regardeless of whether any number of finished goods has been specified. NO
MAX_QC maximum number of QC test which can fit on batch card Truncates the printing of QC instructions to fit available space on batch card. None
PRINT_VOLUME_TYPE PFBSM Specify which types other than solvent must have volume column printed on batch card. S
ISSUE_DATE STORED Use stored formulation issue date else always change issue date to today on bulk issue. Issue individual prompts if issue date is older than current date. None
EXPLODESTK YES/NO on menu option production/ schedule stock projection when set to Y(es) reports stock for raw materials within intermediates instead of intermediate stock. None