There are two places where the QC results for a batch can be recorded

1.       When returning a batch from menu option ‘production/ work in progress returns’


2  MENU OPTION:paint laboratory / production quality control



Select a work-in-progress batch

Click on 'Enter QC Results' to record the actual test results against the standards.



Regardless of which menu option has been selected the same procedure will be invoked

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Enter the quality control results against the corresponding method

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When entering the result for a particular method either click pass conditional pass or fail for that particular result


If more than one test has been performed for the same method click the <insert>  button  to add the new results

The visit number will automatically be incremented


When there has been a pass or conditional pass for every test then the compliance certificates for that batch may be printed


The compliance certificate is custom designed for your particular company and should contain your company logo and name of the chief chemist

The quality control results results can be reported from the menu option 'Reports/Laboratory/Quality Control.'


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