MENU OPTION:Files/Raw materials/Suppliers /Raw Materials by Supplier

The following table shows a list of raw material suppliers:


Insert: Add a new supplier (Enter name address phone, fax etc)

Change: Change supplier details

Delete: Delete a supplier and his link to the raw materials he used to supply (raw materials are not deleted)

From this window you may insert/change /delete the raw materials supplied by this supplier together with the suppliers current cost and lead time.

MENU OPTION:Files/Raw Materials / Suppliers by Raw Material

View the suppliers of any raw materials

You can add/delete/change suppliers, their prices and lead times from this screen.

The supplier bulk price and pack size will be used to calculate a unit price for the material. If the supply units radio button is checked as 'Litre' then the unit cost will be converted to a cost per kilo using the S.G. for that material. To enter or change the S.G. for a material see 'files/raw material/master file.'

The standard prices for all raw materials (as entered and updated in 'files/raw material/costs' are stored as cost per kilo.