You are prompted for a Login name and Password.

Enter the letter 'a' for login name and password initially. This will bring up a message saying: "Your product has expired, please consult your application supplier.", click 'OK', this will open the program, however all the menu's will be disabled, except the menu option Help/Register Product, select this option.

Here you can enter your registration details and activation code which you can acquire from CompuChem directly by emailing:
or by whatsapp or phone  +27 82 898 4383

The preferred method of obtaining your activation code is by email, you must supply your company name exactly as you wish it to appear on your report headings.
This activation code is based on your company name (as supplied) and must be used within 1 week of receipt.

After carefully entering your registration details exactly as they appear in the email you receive from CompuChem, you should get a message: "Activation successful!! ...please exit then re-enter the program.", do this by clicking on the small x in the top right corner of the Main screen, then open the program again using the letter: 'a' for login name and password.

You will now have full access to the program, at this point it is imperative to enter yourself as a supervisor (if you you wish to use the screen security, and you will be in charge of setting access rights for the other users), this can be done from: Configure/Security/Browse users and is discussed in the Changing Security section of this help file.

Take note that once you have done this it will no longer be possible to log in using the letter 'a' for Login Name and password, you will have to use the login name you specify on the Operator Browse screen.

Creating a new user


Menu Option





Press the <insert> button to add the new user



when you create a new user the login code initially becomes the username and password for the new user to access


Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated



Once you have created the new user enter CompuChem using their login code as both the username and password


You can then change their password from this menu option.




Graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message

Description automatically generated



please make a note of the password you have entered because there is no way to retrieve it.


if you forget it you will have to delete the user and start from scratch