Install CompuChem on each required workstation by following the above instructions.

Decide which computer will host the shared data.

Ensure that your Windows95/98 Network is working properly and that sharing of the host drive is enabled for read/write access.

On each workstation browse to the shared network drive using Windows Explorer and map this drive to a network drive letter using 'tools/map network drive' (e.g. E:)

Right click on 'CompuChem Manufacturer Version 5' shortcut. (In older versions of windows 95 you will have to right click on start, left click on open, left click on CompuChem, right click on 'CompuChem Manufacturer Version 5')

Select Properties

Select Program

Select Working

Change the working drive letter from the local c: drive to the network drive

(e.g. change C:\COMPUCHE to E:\COMPUCHEM)

Click OK.

When you run CompuChem you will now be working with your shared data on the host drive.

There are no special maintenance procedures required for running on a network. Be sure to backup your data from the host machine regularly, as with any other program.

If you are unsure of any of the above windows procedures consult windows help. (This file already exists on your computer, so choose: 'Open this file from its current location' as opposed to: 'Save this file to disk'.)