Intermediate costs are always automatically updated on screen whenever a formulation or finished goods item cost is viewed or reported under the menu options costing formulations detailed or costing finished goods detailed.

Whether these costs are stored back to the raw material cost file to be used for the evaluating of raw material stock values etc. is controlled by the setting of the switch:


If the value of this switch is set to Y(es) then the costs will be written back everytime a formulation cost containing an intermediate is viewed or reported. If this switch is absent or set to (N)o then the intermediate cost will be written back to file whenever a batch of the intermediate formulation has been manufactured and the batch card finally returned under the menu option.

By setting AUTO_WRITE_INT_UPDATE to N(o) unnecessary inflation of the value if intermediates in stock is prevented.

Regardless of this setting, whenever a formulation or finished goods cost is viewed, the accurate cost at current prices is always returned so that quotations and tenders based on these results will reflect actual manufacturing cost including the costs of manufacturing all the hidden intermediates at current costs.