MENU OPTION:paint laboratory / global search

This reporting system will locate all formulations containing selected raw materials.

This report uses a 'Tag Table' to select a single raw material or group of raw materials for use in the search.

Materials may be tagged directly using the tagging buttons.

To perform a simple global search for a raw material, locate the raw material code, click on tag and then click on exit to report.


The Query button allows location of raw materials by any combination of information contained in the Code , Type:, Name, or Date of Last change fields in the raw material master file.

To search for more than one material at the same time, tag several raw materials.

If you do not know the code of the material(s) that you wish to search for, you can locate raw materials using the Query button by specifying details about the raw material Code, Type, Name.

Click on Insert and select one of the search criteria from the following screen for each field.

You can inspect the tagged records and untag any ones which you do not wish to be included in the search.

When you click on exit the report will be produced.


Searching all your formulations for raw materials which contain the word lead in the name field

Click on search from material database Button

Click on name field

type the word 'LEAD'

Click on 'search' button

click on 'contains this' radio button

a small black triangle will appear next to the main field indicating that the search criteria is 'contains this'

click 'OK' button

A progress indicator will appear while the computer searches all your raw materials for those containing the word 'LEAD' in the name field. As it finds them it will tag them for use in the formulation search.

When this has completed a window will open prompting you to go to first tag.

click on yes.

You can then examine all tagged materials by clicking on the 'next tag' button. If any of the selected materials are inappropriate you can remove them from the search set by untagging them.

When you are happy with the list of search materials click 'on exit to report' button.

You will then receive reports of all formulations which contain materials which have the world 'LEAD' the raw material name field.