MENU OPTION: Files/Raw materials/Master


Enter up to 4 independent cost prices for each raw material. Costs must be entered as cost per kilo. If entering solvent prices where only the cost per litre is known please make sure that you multiply this cost by the solvent S.G. to arrive at the cost per kilo.


The following screen allows entry of the technical data relevant to the particular raw material type:


All raw materials must be given a type designation which can be one of the following letters:

P igment

F iller

B inder

S olvent

M iscellaneous

This type designation is determined by the role that the material plays in a paint formulation.

Any material which is a composite type (i.e contains components which function as pigment and binders and/or solvents) must be entered as a formulation and allocated as an intermediate using the 'allocate as intermediate' option from the tools pulldown.

This material will then be automatically placed in the raw material file as type 'I' . Intermediate technical data can only be edited by changing the formulation for the intermediate.


Materials of type pigment and filler must be entered as 100 % solid and their SGs must be entered. The oil absorption values, if known should also be entered.


If binders are entered as solutions then the solution SG, the mass non volatile percentage and the SG of the carrier solvent must be entered.


For solvents, only the SG need be entered.


Miscellaneous items will not be included in Pigment/Volume calculation.


Apart from the above mentioned technical data fields the user may define his own unlimited number of technical data fields for any raw material. These fields may be defined independently for each raw material and are thus ideally suited for hazard data, which is usually material specific.

These additional technical data fields can be used as constraints in the formulation calculation. For example the percentage of soluble lead may be stored for many raw materials and a formulation containing those materials may be calculated specifying a maximum percentage of soluble lead for the whole formulation.


After accepting cost field 4 the cursor moves to the CODE field in the additional technical data window. Pressing <ENTER> brings up a table of existing additional technical data field labels. Either select an existing label or press insert to add a new one. When a new label is added it is automatically given a numeric code. These codes can be later used to 'speed access' the labels.

Once a label has been selected the corresponding percentage may be entered for the raw material.

Any number of additional technical data items may be entered for each raw material.

MENU OPTION: Files/Raw Material Costs

This screen gives access to the same cost fields editable in the raw material master. The unit cost of each raw material may be entered either as cost/litre or cost/kilo. The S.G. of the material will be used to interconvert these costs.