MENU OPTION: costing/formulation

Select a formulation from the table. Select the Cost Field number to use.

The detailed costing will be shown:


Reduces the formulation to fundamental raw materials before costing by replacing all intermediates at all levels with their component raw materials. All intermediate losses and overheads are ignored in the costing.


Formulations are recursively costed. This means that all levels of intermediate within the formulation are automatically updated from the lowest to the highest level. There may be un unlimited number of intermediate levels in the formulation. All intermediate losses and overheads are included in the costing.

You may edit the formulation for what if costing only.

You cannot store formulation changes from this screen.


When a formulation is active you can click on the Finished Goods pulldown to view the costings of finished goods based on this formulation.

MENU OPTION:costing/finished goods

This option allows selection of finished goods independent of their associated formulations. However formulation costs are dynamically and recursively costed within this screen.