MENU OPTION: Paint Laboratory / Formulation Comparison

This report allows comparison of up to ten formulations simultaneously.

When formulations are compared the following happens:

1. All the selected formulations are scaled to the same user entered volume (default 1000 l)

2. Recurring raw materials within the same formulation are consolidated under a single raw material code.

3. Raw materials common to more than one formulation are listed in the same line across the page.

4. All the raw materials in all the listed formulations are sorted by raw material code.

This organisation makes it very easy to spot the similarities and differences between formulations.

This report uses a 'Tag Table' (see raw material search) to select a group of formulations for the report.

Formulations may be tagged directly using the tagging buttons.


The Query button allows location of formulations from any data contained in the formulation code or name.

Type data in any or all of the above fields.

Click on Search help and select one of the search criteria from the following screen for each field

Once all the search criteria are completed the following screen appears

Click on OK and all records matching the criteria will be tagged

You can inspect the tagged records and untag any ones which you do not wish to be included in the search.

When you click on OK the report will be produced.

Use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to view any part of the report that does not fit on screen.