MENU OPTION:Configure/Security/Browse Users

This will open the Operator Browse and Form Screens

The Operator Browse and Form screens are used to manage the user list for the program. They're also able to group users together (into User Groups) .

Any Supervisor can add new Users using these built-in Operator Browse and Form Screens. On the Form are the following fields:

First Name & Surname: These apply obviously to the operator..

Login : This is the Login Code the user will use to identify himself to the system. Note that the supervisor cannot set the password for the user. The password will default to be the same as the Login Code, after that only the user can change it..

Level : Set the User to be either another Supervisor, an Operator, or a User with No Access to this Area..

Default Access : If the User is an Operator, then you can set their Default Access. this is typically either All Access, or No Access, but it can also be set to the Login code of another Operator. In that case the new operator will assume all the current Screen Security settings of the selected Default Access operator..

User Group : If the User is an Operator, then he can belong to a pre-defined User Group.