If you have a large number of users then it may not be convenient to set the access rights for all the users individually. In this case you can create groups of users, called User Groups.

To create a User Group use the Operator Browse screen, and User Group Details button.

Enter a name for the User Group (in most cases this would be something like: Admin; Sales ...etc.) then click on the Operator button in the box labelled 'Level'.
Sometimes it is a good idea to set the Default Access to no access, then you can go through and simply grant access to certain parts of the program based on the strategy you decide on, alternately, if there are more places where you want to grant access than thre are where you want to restrict access, you would set the Default to All Access.

To put users into groups use the Operator's Form:

A List of User Groups is provided in the drop down list box that is provided. Note that this list box will only be available if the User is set to be an Operator.

Setting the rights for a Group is exactly the same as setting for an individual. Simply use the Set Access Rights screen while the program is running.

Tip : If a user is always forgetting their password, and you get tired of resetting their access rights every time you have to delete, and re-add them, then make a user group for that person. The access rights will be stored with the Group, not the User, so it's easier to delete, and re-add the user, without having to enter their access rights all over again.