Consignment stock


Placing a consignment order


When placing a consignment order the order number should contain the letter C either at the beginning or end of the order number


the consignment order tick box must be ticked

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Receiving consignment stock


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When a consignment order is receipted only the <enter consignment goods received> button will be active on the grn screen.

When the consignment stock is receipted it will not go into the raw material warehouse directly but instead will be allocated to the consignment stock warehouse.





Allocating consignment stock to production

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Stock in the consignment warehouse must be allocated to production as required from the above menu option


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Once consignment stock is allocated to production it becomes available for use in batches and the production GRN is created.


This allocated consignment stock is now in the production raw material stock file exactly as if it had been receipted directly from the supplier.




Reporting Consignment Stock


There are a number of reports available for consignment stockpage numbering

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the most important report is report consignment summary sent to supplier.


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This report shows and detail how's the consignment stock has been allocated from each consignments GRN to the factory.


this report is sent to the supplier in order to reconcile the consignment stock