Excel© Import Utility 
As the name suggests, this utility enables the user to import Raw Material Costs from an Excel© spreadsheet. This means that data which is already in an Excel© spreadsheet or data from any application that can export to Excel© can be imported into CompuChem.

This is done in three easy steps:
  1. Export the information to Excel©.
  2. Tell CompuChem where to find the data in your spreadsheet.
    This is done by referencing the row and column in Excel©. Users who currently print their batch cards through Excel© will be familiar with the process of defining the rows and columns to send data to in a spreadsheet. To import Raw Material Costs, this process simply works in reverse.
  3. Load up the import utility and point it to the spreadsheet you wish to import from, then click: 'Start Process' and you are done.

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