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CompuChem Manufacturer 6.0 Users Guide (cc5x.chm):

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CompuChem Data Conversion utility 'CNVDAT':

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CompuChem Version 6.0 updates:

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CW Fax viewer:

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Please Note: There is no 'Demo' version of The CompuChem Manufacturer available for download, we supply the full program, time limited for an evaluation period.
In order to evaluate the program you will need to email us to receive a 'Demo' version. Installation instructions are available here. More on this here.

For current users: The update is in the form of an install file, much like the one you used the first time you installed CompuChem. To apply the update follow the same steps as when you first installed CompuChem, but be sure to specify the same installation directory (folder) as your first installation if you changed the default at that time.
Just be sure that nobody is using the program (even on other workstations) while you update it, or it will not work.

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Notes on the CompuChem Manufacturer for Windows:

The CompuChem Manufacturer Version 6.0 for Microsoft Windows is compatible with all of the current versions of Windows ie: Windows95/ 98/ ME /2000 and Windows NT. CompuChem V6 is a fully integrated 32bit application, which offers all the advantages of modern software technology.

If you use the current (CompuChem 5) version, there is a utility: 'CNVDAT' for upgrading your data (formulations; raw materials etc.) for use on the Windows platform, this is an automatic process and can be done very quickly. You can find this utility with the other downloads on this page.

Please note that we recommend the use of The CompuChem Manufacturer on either Windows 98 Second Edition or Windows 2000 Professional as opposed to Windows Millennium Edition (ME) or Windows XP as there have been reports of performance hassles with the latter two versions of the operating system.

More information concerning the evaluation system:

The evaluation is no longer available for download without contacting CompuChem either by telephone or email (contact details below).
Once this is done we will supply you with download instructions.

The following information assumes that you have downloaded the software and carries on from there:

The first time you run the Windows version you will be asked to enter your login name and password, enter anything for your login name and likewise for the password, then click:'Enter CompuChem'.

The program will open, but all of the menu items except: 'Help > Register Product' will be disabled. This is where you will enter your activation code.
You must contact CompuChem directly, either by
e-mail or telephone to acquire an activation code.
Once you have an activation code, it must be used within 7 days, otherwise it will become invalid. The standard evaluation period is 30 days.

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